“Faith, Knowledge, Service”


Our new crest has the Celtic Cross at its centre. This is significant as it originates from Ireland where our patron, St Patrick, converted many of the people to Christianity.  The cross is also the most recognisable symbol of our faith and the Christian values we proudly uphold, including those in our vision and mission of “courage, respect, compassion and service.”

The open book under the cross not only represents our faith lived through the Gospel but is also a symbol of “Knowledge” and learning, which we endeavour to nurture through “creativity, critical thinking and innovation in a quality learning environment.”

Leading out from the cross and book is a path on which we journey as both people of God in being of “service” to others, especially those in need, and as “learners,” where we “develop each individuals full potential.”  These two ideals are strongly embraced by our school’s founders, the Sisters of Mercy. The shield that outlines the crest and the four green stripes are also an abstract representation of the four stripes of the Mercy Shield. The dots on the stripes are symbolic of the local Awabakal people, the traditional owners of the land.

Our school crest was designed by Sister Dorothy Woodward. 

St Patrick – Our Patron Saint

St Patrick’s name is a very noble one. It was taken from the Latin word “nobleman”. Everyone loves Patrick, so many countries claim he was born there. Wherever he was born, he became the friend of all and the Apostle of Ireland. The Irish in those days did not know about Jesus and Mary. Patrick felt sorry for them. He studied hard and became a priest and a bishop.

The pope sent him to Ireland to make it Catholic. The people in Ireland welcomed him with joy and the kings sat and listened to him. Patrick taught them about the Blessed Trinity by showing them how the Shamrock had three leaves, yet was one plant. He drove all evils out of Ireland as it they were snakes.

Soon he built churches and schools everywhere. Since St Patrick’s time, the Irish have carried the love of Jesus and Mary all over the world. That is why everyone loves St Patrick and keeps his feast day.

St Patrick’s Feast is celebrated on March 17 and it is a special day for our parish and school.