Religious Education

The classroom teaching of religion aims to: 

  • Encourage students to find the meaning and joy in learning about the story, experiences and teachings of the Catholic Christian Tradition 
  • Enable students to be more articulate and thoughtful about the Catholic Christian Tradition and its place within the religious and cultural diversity of Australian society and in their daily lives 
  • Encourage informed participation of students in the Catholic Church community 
  • Enable students to know, understand and integrate Gospel values such as compassion, forgiveness, hope and justice and service in their daily life

Students at St Patrick's participate in masses and liturgies throughout the year. Students are made aware of social justice initiatives and the role of Catholic Missions around the world. We actively participate in a variety of activities to raise money for these missions and other social justice initiatives. 

New K-2 Religious Syllabus Units

Encountering the Mystery of God

Kinder (Early Stage 1)

 LOVING GOD AND OTHERS: Knowing God the Father, Knowing God the Son, Knowing God the Holy Spirit and Loving like God.

Year 1 & Year 2 (Stage 1) BELONGING TO THE FAMILY OF GOD: Living in Relationship, Belonging to God’s Family, Belonging to the Christian family and Remembering the Holy Family