Learning Technology

Learning Technology is the broad range of communication, information and related technologies that can be used to support learning and teaching. We provide opportunities for all our students to become forward thinking learners, which includes skills and use of technology independently and as class pursuits. In all of our teacher programs, and classrooms students have access to different activities that involve different aspects of Learning Technology. At St Patrick’s, each classroom is fitted with Smartboards. projectors or Promethean ActivPanels which are used a group tool. Students have access to iPads and our banks of computers for small group or independent activities. 

1:1 Device Program Stage 3 

Our school has a 1:1 Device Program (BYOD), which provides students with access to 1:1 technology and fits with contemporary learning and the development of critical technology skills. These skills include self-regulation, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and creative thinking. Devices are not the only tool to teach these skills, but they certainly help build these skills in students. We believe these devices assist with the development of digital literacy, digital fluency and digital citizenship. Our program allows us to move forward in meeting the needs of our learners and curriculum requirements for IT