Bus Routes

The Hunter Valley Bus Service transfers students to and from school. In the afternoon, students awaiting buses are supervised by teachers and placed on the correct bus. A strict code of conduct is to be followed by all students using public transport. Failure to follow correct behaviour may result in temporary or permanent travel pass suspension. An application for an Opal care needs to be completed online here.

For more information, contact us at St Patrick’s or Hunter Valley Buses on 4958 2057.

Student drop-off zones

Gates 1, 2 and 4 are opened and supervision is provided from 8.30am each school morning. Gates 1, 2 and 4 are opened and supervised from 3pm in the afternoon. All access during school hours is via the school office. 

Gate and street names

Gate 1 - Macquarie Street Gate

Gate 2 - Neilson Street Gate

Gate 4 - Tyrell Street Gate

Students may be dropped off outside the front of the school at the Macquarie Street entrance. The Macquarie Street entrance allows students to walk up the stairs and across the pedestrian crossing in the Church carpark.

Please do not park or drop off students in the Church carpark

The Drop off zone in Macquarie Street is a 5-minute parking zone from 8.30am-9am and pick-up zone from 2.30-3pm.  Walkers may enter via Gate 1 or Gate 2.

Please pay attention to the signposted bus zones in Wentworth Street and Neilson; do not stop or park in the bus zone during the signposted hours.